Replace your  worn out or broken OEM rubber Isoloators with these Rebuildable Polyurethane Engine Mounts.  

Made of 1/4" Steel Mig Welded Brackets with replaceable polyurethane bushings

Two Hardnesses Available

Race: 95A Hardness 

Street: 75A Hardness



Kappa Haus Ecotec LE5 LNF Polyurethane Engine Mounts

Hardness Rating
  • Polyurethane mounts will provide better feedback and response in the chassis over OEM rubber isolators.  Noise, Vibrations and Harshness (NVH) are increased with the use of Poly Bushings.  The harder the bushing the more NVH you will feel.  If you drive your car on a regular basis the then the 75A hardness is recommended.  If its a track only car then 95A will work well. 

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