New Product Introducing the KH Differential Brace. This was partly designed by Mark Woodard who maked the famed Gen 1 CTS-V differential brace. Him and I partnered up and combined the design to fit our chassis. The KH brace surrounds the driver side and the front pinion. Utilizing all oem holes and locations to provide extra support where it's lacking from the factory Beneath the bracket sits a bushing that ties it into the chassis with a brace extending from the backbone tunnel area. This will fit cars with oem exhaust and testing continues with the aftermarket exhausts for our cars. When paired with a swapped car (or oem) this will provide extra support and keep the differential from lifting under heavy acceleration. This will not prevent wheel hop but will lessen it and the twisting of the differential that leads to the housing exploding. Presale pricing set at $450 feel free to message me for more information.

KH Differential Bracket